Chapter 1 is the 1st chapter of the Gokushufudou manga series.

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Tatsu is preparing a bento, trying to make it perfect for Miku, but Miku is late for work and rushes out without eating breakfast. Tatsu then decides to continue with the house chores, but sees the bento and realizes she forgot to take it for lunch. He secures it well in some bags and a briefcase and starts chasing her with his bike, but as he is speeding, he ends up being stopped by two police officers. They want to know his profession and Tatsu tells them he is house husband, but one of them recognizes him as "The Immortal Dragon", an unarmed yakuza who singlehandedly broke up ten rival factions in a single night. Tatsu then reaches out for his inner pocket and making the policeman thinks he is reaching for a weapon. In truth, however, Tatsu takes out a festival coupon, which he hands them and tries to leave, but the policemen tell him he won't get off that easily.

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