Episode 1 is the 1st episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Miku rushes off to work but forgets her bento. Urita, a shady Tatsu tracks down a Policure Blu-ray for Miku's birthday. Gin takes a walk around the neighborhood.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Episode 1 Part 1.png

Tatsu wakes up and after washing himself he prepares breakfast bento for Miku. Miku rushes out, stating she forgot she has a meeting and doesn't eat. Tatsu lifts up Gin and states he will start with the washing, then go shopping and buy Gin food. He then realizes that Miku forgot her bento. He packs it securely and rushes out on his bike chasing Miku. As he was speeding, the two police officers stop him and ask him about his occupation. Tatsu states he is a househusband, however, one of the officers named Nagai recognizes him as the "Immortal Dragon", a legendary yakuza who unarmed and in one night defeated a rival group. Tatsu then pulls out and gives them a super sale coupon, then attempts to leave, but the policemen stops him.

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Episode 1 Part 2.png

While walking around, Urita is satisfied how easily he can sell his crappy knifes in this neighborhood. He ends up ringing on Tatsu's door and sneaks in as Tatsu opens, but while introducing himself, he sees the scary Tatsu being covered in "blood". Shocked, Urita decides to be brave and shows the knives he is selling. Tatsu wants to test the knives as he heard a scam was going around with cheap products. Urita then watches Tatsu use the knives and prepares food. Tatsu then serves Urita a hamburger steak, which Urita ends up loving and ends up reminding Urita of his hometown. He wonders why is he there and wants to forgets about the knives and leave as Tatsu is scaring him.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

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Masa gets thrown out of a restaurant. He is annoyed that this is also Kunimi Group's turf and he has been in a sorry state after Tatsu disappeared. Wondering where Tatsu went, he ends up seeing him checking some cabbage at a supermarket. After Tatsu comes out, Masa wonders what happened of Tatsu. While Tatsu recycles some bottles, Masa explains that some of them got arrested and the Shinzaki Group disbanded. Tatsu tells him they should go elsewhere, which scared Masa, but he ends up bringing him to Ang Cooking School, where they are thought how to make some cheese croquettes. After they make some and the rest applaud Tatsu skills, Masa gets annoyed and yells at Tatsu wondering what happened with him. Tatsu tells him he is now a househusband and he now wants to protect his family, but you can't do it with violence. Masa laughs and pushes Tatsu's croquettes at the ground, yelling if he went soft in the head. Tatsu then slams him to the ground and starts slapping him, while Masa yells that this is violence.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu prepares mentally for a mission and the route he must take. Later, while in his car, Kunimi comments that a lot of people want Tatsu dead and if he is still alive, no one knows what may happen. Suddenly, while riding his bike, Tatsu sees a cat jumping out of a corner and ends up slamming himself thought the window of Kunimi's car. Tatsu recognizes Kunimi, but states he doesn't have time and rushes out. Thinking he just got attacked, Kunimi and his man start chasing Tatsu. He leads then into a clothing store. As there was a huge bargain promotion, people were fighting over the clothes and Tatsu orders Kunimi and his man to join and take the clothes. After the sale, Tatsu yells at Kunimi and his man for standing like mannequins and that they only got a sweatshirt, pair of socks and gloves, but nothing he was actually after. Kunimi realizes he is angry, but is surprised when Tatsu calls himself a househusband and pulls his gun at his face, telling him he is a liar. Tatsu disarms Kunimi and puts on him gloves, telling him its getting colder outside and to not catch a cold. Kunimi recalls his poor past and how his mother got him gloves, which caused him to cry for his mother.

Episode 5[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu goes at Animeland. He approaches the otaku cashier and asks if they have the Blu-ray box set of Crimecatch Policure. Knowing a lot about Policure, the cashier asks him which season he wants and that there are three versions of the box set, but he recommends the second season. As the cashier keeps talking about the producer of the anime, Tatsu hits him in the throat to make him stop talking and hands him out the money for the Blu-rays. That evening, Miku returns home to see Tatsu preparing a birthday party for her. He sings her happy birthday with a scary face. In the end he gives Miku her present. She gets happy that he got her Policure, but states she already owns that one. Hearing that, Tatsu is ready for a penalty and prepares to cut his pinky, but Miku knocks him to stop him.

Episode 6: Gin's Walk Part 1[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu goes to shop and leaves Gin to guard the house. However, Gin decides to sneak out. He goes around the neighborhood, speaking with other animals and wanting to play with them. He eventually reaches a big house and sees a dog in a situation. The dog, Elizabeth, tells him to leave her, but explains she was chasing butterflies and suddenly could not move. Gin tells her that her leash is tangled up around the dog house and tells her to go back. However, that ends up even more badly as Elizabeth entangles herself even more. After a little laugh, Gin decides to head back home.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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