Episode 2 is the 2nd episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Masa realizes that housewives - and - househusbands have a lot in common with the Yakuza. Tatsu takes a yoga class and thoroughly enjoys it.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Episode 7[edit | edit source]

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While preparing some fish, Tatsu receives a call that the Boss is coming over. Wasting no time, Tatsu enlists the help of a new comer to prepare for the bosses arrival and in the process of it, has to prove its value to him. With that, Tatsu turns on the Roomboo and as it cleans the floor, Tatsu attentively watches the process and is impressed by its work. Right after Tatsu assigns the living room as its turf, it misses a corner with some wires blocking the way. Tatsu then disciplines and sequentially lectures it on how to properly clean it with a cloth wrapped around a stick. A brief monologue by Tatsu explains, the Roomboo's background, how Miku obtained it through an obligatory ceremony. It's then that Tatsu goes around cleaning the house stating that he's a pro househusband and the qualifications of said position, while Gin plays with everything that Tatsu touches. Annoyed, Tatsu tells Gin off and soon after, Gin runs into the Roomboo and it runs over his tail. Sequentially, Gin then knocks over the rice cooker and leaps up over to a shelf with wine bottles on it which are knocked down by him. Hearing the noise in the room, Tatsu checks to see what's going on and a red wine bottom falls and smashes onto his face. Eventually, the "Boss" or rather the "President of the Women's society" arrives at Tatsu's house with her associate. Upon hearing a loud noise, they're horrified at the scene of which they see Tatsu on the ground covered in what appears to be blood. Tatsu then apologizes to the Boss as her associate asks Tatsu if he's alright and what had happened. He answers that a young punk newcomer had recently joined his group, as the roomboo returns to its charging station.

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu is tasked with babysitting his neighbor Ryouta a young boy by his mother as she's going to start her PTA job. Although Ryouta's Mom is happy, Ryouta is notably scared of Tatsu and notes how he's the scary man that lives in the complex. Inside the apartment, Tatsu asks what Ryouta wants to play in a menacing manner. Easily perturbed, Ryouta tries to leave, but is stopped by Tatsu, who offers him a batch of cookies he just made. Trying one of the cookies, Ryouta's attitude immediately lightens up and Tatsu offers him to play a game with him. Elated, Ryouta talks about the game Morio Kart, but Tatsu pulls out a cup and dice and they then place a series of games played in Yakuza gambling rings. Dourly, Ryouta retreats to a corner where he frustratingly states how they're not playing the games that he wanted. Noting how it maybe better if Ryouta played with an older woman, Tatsu gives the boy Miku's Colbalt Police action figure to play with. In the process of playing with the toy, Ryouta trips and falls there by breaking the figure in two. The two then go outside and bury the figure in a barrel following the instructions of Tatsu's old Boss. At that moment, Miku returns home and spots the two outside. Immediately, Tatsu then prostates himself in front of Miku.

Episode 9[edit | edit source]

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Masa gets into trouble with a small group of thugs and soon after Tatsu with some woodwork supplies comes along while reading a DIY book on wood craft. Taking advantage of the serendipitous opportunity, Masa enlists Tatsu to help him with his predicament while goading that the thugs are in for trouble now. On the other hand, Tatsu smacks Masa's face and proclaims that Masa should finish what he started himself, following the DIY (Do It Yourself) motto. However, Masa doesn't understand English whatsoever and is unable to comprehend what Tatsu was trying to tell him. Recalling that Tatsu is someone to steer clear of, the thugs try and disperse, but are goaded by Masa to stay calling them cowards, from behind Tatsu's back. The head thug then takes one of Tatsu's two-by-fours and smacks it against his face a couple of times. Now bleeding, Tatsu denotes how well crafted the boards of woods are and how they're perfect for crafting chairs. Triggered, the head thug pulls out a wazashi and tries to stab Tatsu, but he blocks the blade with his DIY book and qoutes a verse from it about sharp objects. Shocked and unnerved the head thug flees and his cohorts follow. With the situation over, Tatsu picks up his belongings and goes on his way, while Tatsu has an epiphany about how househusbands and Yakuza are connected. To that matter, Masa begs Tatsu to teach him his ways, but Tatsu figures its about DIY. At Tatsu's house, the two build a lovely small wooden chair.

Episode 10[edit | edit source]

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Noticing that he's become a tad flabby, Tatsu does some indoor hula-hooping, which annoys Miku who tells him to do it outside and suggests that he register for some fitness classes. Arriving at the workout gym, Tatsu takes part in the fitness classes and greatly enjoys it. He also excels in the yoga class, noting how each pose is relatable to a pose in the Yakuza. After the class, Tatsu mistakenly walks into the ladies changing room. Because of this, Tatsu martyrs himself to one of the ladies that he hung around with to accept whatever punishment they have for him. However, the two ladies note how the pose Tatsu was doing is like another yoga pose.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu and Miku go shopping at a supermarket where Tatsu terrifies a clerk asking her if they have the "white powdery stuff". To that, the clerk answers they don't, but Miku clarifies that he was asking if they have any flour. From there, the two get into a scuffle where Miku tries to purchase a bunch of things that Tatsu time and time again refuses to buy for her. The argument they have outside draws attention to them as two old ladies misinterpret their argument as a Yakuza intimating a woman. Not wanting to draw anymore attention to them, Miku takes Tatsu away to a furniture store and elaborates how people are afraid of him. Tatsu, however, doesn't buy it and at a sports equipment store, states how the neighbors think of him as funny. A store clerk then tries to approach them, but Tatsu scares him away. Believing that the clothes Tatus wears are too intimidating, Miku suggests they buy new clothes for Tatsu who then tries on an assortment of clothing, all of which, still make him look intimidating. Realizing that he's too intimidating for Miku's liking, Tatsu finds and purchases a PoliCure apron. Miku becomes enamored over Tatsu's apron and tries to have him speak a quote from the show and strike a pose as well. This causes a scene that many mall goers watch in a dead-pan manner.

Episode 12: Gin's Walk Part 2[edit | edit source]

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Continuing his excursion, Gin wonders into someone's yard and tries to take a poop, but is stopped by the household cat there. This starts a scuffle between the two whereas a potted plant is knocked over and right as Gin was about to go, the household cat drags Gin into his cat box so he can finish his business. However, Gin can't go anymore.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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