Episode 3 is the 3rd episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tatsu and Masa bump into Torajirou, a fellow ex-gangster now running a crepe truck. The cops grow suspicious of Tatsu's balcony herb garden.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Episode 13[edit | edit source]

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Several months ago, a man known as Torajirou is released from the Onigawara Prison. Torajirou states that nobody came to pick him up and comes to the conclusion that his organization really has dissolved. In the present time, Tatsu and Masa finish a shopping trip at a supermarket. During it Tatsu advises Masa how to mindfully save and spend money, but Masa stops at a crepe truck to purchase two Banana-Cream-Deluxe-Special. The man running the truck is none other than Torajirou who was once Tatsu's only rival who could stand up to Tatsu back in his Yakuza days. Immediately, Torajirou tosses a crepe spatula at Tatsu grazing his left cheek and causing it to bleed and then states that he hear Tatsu busted his group while he was in the slammer. Torajirou goes onto claim that since he was released from prison he's been forced to run a crepe truck and confronts Tatsu why he's hanging around that place. Tatsu then details that he's a househusband now, which, amuses Torajirou and then the two get into a "legendary battle". On Torajirou's side, he creates a Jumbo Deluxe Tropical-fruit crepe and on Tatsu's side, he creates an Almond Jelly and Fruit Jam. They then take pictures of there culinary creations and post them on Instantgram. After two hours, Tatsu gets a like for his creation, thus making him the winner.

Episode 14[edit | edit source]

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Miku and Tatsu go shopping at a car dealership and at the start of it, Tatsu criticizes all of the cars they try out for being inadequate for their daily needs. On the other hand, the one car he chooses that he considers adequate is immediately rejected by Miku. The car dealer there then suggests the two to a popular brand car that would hopefully fit their needs and offers to give them a test drive of it. After Tatsu briefly examines the car, they all enter it and Tatsu has delusions of people they encounter who are out to get him. Because of it, Tatsu states that he'll have to walk away from the deal.

Episode 15[edit | edit source]

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Masa has Tatsu over his house and from the start, Tatsu sees the mess in his laundry room and demands that they clean it up. It's then that Masa tries to load in some clothes into the wash, but Tatsu smacks him for almost mixing white and colored clothing together. While loading white clothing into the washer, Tatsu comes across a shirt with a massive curry stain on it. Together they then clean it with some sodium percarbonate and then proceed to clean three more stained shirts. When they're finished they hang the clothes on Masa's balcony to dry, however, the wind starts to pick up and blow a white shirt onto the street. This leaves the two looking despondent.

Episode 16[edit | edit source]

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Two ladies attend a flea market and find a cute coin purse they like. When they ask how much it is, Tatsu is revealed to be the salesman, and details a bit of the background of the purse and its cost. A month before the flea market, since their apartment is getting cluttered with Tatsu's various items that he's purchased. Hence, Miku suggests that Tatsu sell all of the items at a flea market and Tatsu calls Miku a "Wicked" woman because of he's going to sell the products on the street. Back to the present, Tatsu is having trouble selling even a single anything. As he tells two ladies he's acquainted with about the products he's selling a group of men associated with the Saruwatari Group appear and harass a vendor. Tatsu then confronts the assailants and the lead thug instantly recognizes Tatsu making him weak kneed and sheepish. Under Tatsu's suggestion, they all go to a different location. At said location, Tatsu tries to negotiate with the lead thug, but the thug interprets Tatsu's negotiations as various forms of torture. Right after the thug knocks himself out, Tatsu lays beside his unconscious body all of the products that he offered him.

Episode 17[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu tends to the small herb garden he cultivated on his balcony and unbeknownst to him, he's being surveilled by the junior officer and senior officer Nagai. Apparently they were following a tip about suspicious activity from Tatsu's balcony and the junior officer states that he wants to bust Tatsu immediately, which irks Nagai. Meanwhile, Tatsu packs some of the herbs into a bag and places it in a suit case and heads off someplace and is then tailed by the police officers. They watch as he makes a "Deal" with Masa and continue to follow them to a closed restaurant. It's there that the young police officer busts down the door against the better judgement of his superior where they find Tatsu, Masa, and others holding a party for the Chairperson's birthday. Astounded by the situation, they're told that the place was reserved for a birthday party for the madam Chairperson. The deal they witnessed was really Masa getting some homegrown basil from Tatsu. However, Nagai isn't convinced that they're clean, pointing out the bombshell evidence is in the suit case, but inside of it is really a moist potpourri. After Tatsu finishes his explanation about the moist potpourri a exhausted Nagai takes a seat and says that Tatsu knows too much house keeping skills.

Episode 18[edit | edit source]

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Following the mortifying incident involving his encounter with Tatsu, the head of the Saruwatari Group, trains his knees and heads out with a posse to crush Tatsu. However, upon getting into close proximity of Tatsu, the head thug collapses.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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