Episode 4 is the 4th episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Miku's Dad tries to bond with Tatsu over a game of catch. A cockroach infiltrates the apartment. The Immortal Claus stops by a kids' Christmas party.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Episode 19[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu plays a volley ball game with his housewife friends and eventually learns that another team has challenged them a practice match. Said team soon arrives and they're a group of thuggish looking men called the Bears. The Bears leader claims that he started playing the game for fitness purposes, but got hooked on playing it. The game then begins and through a close match, the Bears win, leaving Tatsu despondent and wanting to redeem himself. However, he has a bonding moment with the Bears' leader and the two groups take a commemorative photo together.

Episode 20[edit | edit source]

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Around dusk, Miku walks home from her job after finishing up her work there early, encounters Tatsu talking shop with a butcher about meat preparation. They then walk home together and Miku watches Tatsu conduct "business" at couple of other places in order to collect stamps to collect for a lottery. As it turns out, it's Tatsu's 10th time trying and he wants to win the 3rd prize, a vacuum cleaner, however, what he wins is the 5th prize a giant stuffed animal.

Episode 21[edit | edit source]

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Miku gets a call from her parents who inform her that they're coming to visit that day. Although Miku is hesitant to allow her parents over due to the abruptness, Tatsu assures her that he'll take care of it all. When Miku's parents arrive, Tatsu serves them Darjeeling and canelé. Miku's Mom is impressed and compliments what Tatsu served, on the other hand, Miku's Dad internally notes that he wants to join the conversation as well. He then decides to start a conversation about his wife and his' dog after seeing Gin. The conversation turns sour as Tatsu misinterprets the term for dogs as police. Changing the subject, Miku's Dad asks Tatsu about if he likes singing, though again, Tatsu misinterprets the question for police interrogation. From there, Miku's Dad asks Tatsu if he'd play a game of catch with him, as he always wanted to play the game with his son if he had one. The two then head outside and as they walk to the park, Miku's Dad recalls when first met Tatsu, but is resolved to bond with him over the game of catch. However, Miku's Dad feels the game was too one-sided as he's the one throwing the ball. To make up for it, Tatsu throws the ball to Miku's Dad at a fast and powerful pitch, and somehow Miku's Dad catches it, but is sent backward into a tree the process. Although hurt, Miku's Dad compliments Tatsu's slider pitch.

Episode 22[edit | edit source]

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While inside the kitchen, cutting some vegetables, Tatsu senses an unknown presence in the room. Later that day, Miku arrives home and finds the apartment a mess and Tatsu shirtless and bleeding from his scalp on the floor. He informs Miku that the Black Bullet is on the lose, which is a cockroach. Adamant that he'll eliminate the interloper for invading the turf of Tatsu the Immortal Dragon, Tatsu tries to use some bug spray on it, however, the can is empty. Flying in the air, the cockroach lands on the Cobalt Police figure leaving Miku despondent. Furiously, Tatsu imagining himself wielding a sword confronts the cockroach, but it then lands on his chest. Miku shocked by this turn of events, Tatsu asks that Miku kill it. On the other hand, Miku worries that she'll never be able to see his chest the same way again as she'll be haunted by the image of dead cockroach on his chest. Still, Tatsu wants to protect those that are close to him, so Miku rolls up a newspaper and tries to crush the cockroach, but instead slams Tatsu to the ground by hitting his face. Left with no other alternatives, Tatsu rummages through a box in the closet and fetches some aromatic oil. As he goes to light it, Tatsu mentions how cockroaches detest citrus scents and strong fragrances. Once it's lit, the two enjoy the wonderful smell it exudes.

Episode 23[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu and Masa exit a shopping center and Tatsu gets dressed into a Santa outfit in a restroom. Speechless by Tatsu's appearance, Masa asks what the get up is for. Sitting on a bench, Tatsu details that there's a big gathering, the local community Christmas party for children is the event. Eventually, at the location for the local community Christmas party for children, one of the two adults there announces to the kids that Santa will be arriving soon. The kids reactions are mixed and after calling out to Santa, Tatsu appears on the scene in a flashy and exuberant manner. He then gives a full introduction of himself going by the name of Immortal Claus. This entrance, leaves everyone in the room flabbergasted and then Tatsu lays down his sack and asks the kids if they've been good and true to the "code" or have they been naughty. A little girl raises her hand claiming that she's been good that year and Tatsu questions her if she's lying to him. Giving no response, he pulls out a Styrofoam box and in it was some horsehair crabs. The kids were once again flabbergasted by Tatsu who then passes out an assortment of other fancy foods packed in Styrofoam boxes. Now night time, the children say their goodbyes to Immortal Claus as he wishes them a Merry Christmas and rides away on his bike. Soon after, Tatsu stopped by Nagai and his junior.

Episode 24[edit | edit source]

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In his house, Miku's Dad practices how he should ask Tatsu to play ball.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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