Episode 5 is the 5th episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tatsu takes a part-time job at a cafe. Then he bumps into a deceased yakuza boss's wife, who's now working at the supermarket. It's Tatsu's birthday!

Plot[edit | edit source]

Episode 25[edit | edit source]

Episode 5 Part 25.png

Needing some money, Tatsu takes a part-time job at Cafe Jingi Tei. Some yakuza come to the cafe and are surprised by Tatsu, as they haven't seen him before. Tatsu explains he is a part-timer and serves them some beans with their drinks, which causes the yakuza to flinch and reach for their guns as they thought beans means something else. Tatsu then serves a latte with a kitty art. The boss states they didn't order this, but his subordinate states he ordered it, and ends up getting scolded by his boss. Tatsu brings rice omelet for the yakuza subordinate and he ends up getting scolded again by his boss. Tatsu brings their special giant strawberry parfait and asks for who it is and the boss rises quickly his hand. The yakuza end up enjoying their meals and later while leaving, wonder who is really Tatsu. Tatsu gets paid for the day and while looking at the money, he is happy he would be able to buy present for Miku.

Episode 26[edit | edit source]

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Miku returns late and tired from work. Tatsu immediately welcomes her and states he prepared something special for her. He shows her he prepared over ten different meals, introducing them one by one and stating that they will give her a boost. Miku starts eating and likes the food, but worries its too much. After finishing eating, Miku comments that all the overtime work is wearing her out. Tatsu brings out small packs of citric acid, stating they will give her a blast. He mix it with honey to make it like lemonade and explains its perfect for tiredness and Miku ends up enjoying it. Next, Tatsu opens a package full of relaxing items. He puts a wire massager on Miku's head, a heated eye mask, bubble wraps to pop with her fingers and foot massage mat. He uses red beans to reproduce the sound of the sea and places Gin in her lap. Miku feels its too much and states her body is starting to panic. As he tries to make her drink the citric acid, Miku takes everything off and states she is free. That reminds Tatsu of his old boss when he was released and yelled the same thing. While Miku decides to take a bath, Tatsu tries the head massager and the heated eye mask, while having Gin in his lap and drinking the citric acid and ends up enjoying it.

Episode 27[edit | edit source]

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While shopping, Tatsu sees Torii Hibari, the boss lady of Torii Group, who started working in the supermarket and is thought how to label products. Tatsu wonders what she is doing and as he picks a product, Torii stops him and places half-price tag on the product, but her manager tells her she must not put those tags on those products. Torii explains that her husband died last year and they shut down the group. As the group has no money or connections, the remaining members rely on Torii. While she tries to place some products on the shelves, she ends up knocking multiple others. Tatsu ends up picking and placing them on their place. Torii then ends up knocking others and then yells at Tatsu to not look down on her and some men of her group surround her. Tatsu shows her a tomato can and states it must be in the pasta corner. Hearing a beep, Torii runs towards the cash counter and proceeds a client. Tatsu lines up next and while processing his items, Torii asks him if its true that he quit being an yakuza. Tatsu states he is a househusband now and shows Torii that she scanned a product twice. Her men get angry, thinking he picks on her, but she stops them, stating they must follow to code and makes everyone, including her, bow down and returns the overcharged money. Tatsu states he forgot to bring his loyalty card and Torii tells him to bring the receipt and she will stamp it.

Episode 28[edit | edit source]

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Masa visits Tatsu's place and meets Miku. He explains he is there for Tatsu's birthday and Miku welcomes him, but states Tatsu is out shopping and there is Neighborhood Association meeting, so he will return in the evening. Using that opportunity, Miku was preparing the decorations, but the places looks chaotic. Masa offers his help and Miku accepts. She starts cutting some fruits for the cake, but seeing how she whacks them, Masa wants to take over, but Miku finds him too slow and continues to whack them. They continue breaking decorations and burning the food. Tatsu returns in the evening and finds them exhausted on the ground, while the place is a complete mess. Masa and Miku barely talking, congratulate him for his birthday and state they screwed up. Seeing how they were defeated, Tatsu decides to avenge them. He cleans the place, decorates it and prepares his own cake. He then sings happy birthday to himself with a scary looks and voice. Tatsu reveals the remade the cake with what he could save from theirs. Miku gifts him sunglasses, while Masa a necklace chain saying "Aniki".

Episode 29[edit | edit source]

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Tatsu meets with his former Boss, whom he have not met since he left the group. Tatsu apologizes for the troubles he caused, but Boss tells him its all fine and that he retired as yakuza. As he lets his dog Pinky, run around, Tatsu helps him get rid of all the dog hair on his suit. Tatsu tells Boss that he is a househusband these days, which surprises Boss. Tatsu then brings out a small shirt he sewed for Pinky and dresses her on. Seeing her in the shirt, Boss gets super soft and starts asking Pinky who's a cute doggie. After taking some pictures with Pinky, Boss tells Tatsu that he got a bit soft, but wants to talk with the Immortal Tatsu today. Chono and a friend appears with a dog and Boss gets soft seeing the new dogs. Seeing Pinky, Chono wonders if she is a bit underweight and Boss reveals she is eating only her treats lately and wonders if she is tired of dried food. Chono reveals she has food on her and her friend had just brought a small stove. Tatsu then starts cooking and prepares special doggy chicken rice with Shijimi clams stock. He serves it to Pinky and she happily starts eating. Boss gets happy for Pinky and seeing the new Tatsu, he takes Pinky and decides to leave. His men wonder if he is not gonna tell Tatsu that someone higher up the organization wanted to recruit him. But Boss states this is where Tatsu belongs now.

Episode 30[edit | edit source]

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Torii takes out some trash at the supermarket. She sees Gin and wonders if he is alone, but states strays must be strong to survive. She then hides behind the trash containers and starts waving her hand out. She then pops her face out and hides it again. She starts to mew and Gin gets intrigued, but as she pops up again, she sees Tatsu passing by and seeing her. Ashamed, she yells at Tatsu to mind his business.

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