Episode 1 is the 1st episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband live-action series.

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Tatsu is a legendary yakuza known as the "Immortal Dragon". Legend has it that during a major war, he single-handedly raided an enemy gang and destroyed them in a single night. His existence has been handed down in the world of yakuza.

After getting rid of his gangster ways, Tatsu lives peacefully with his wife Miku and daughter Himawari. He married Miku with a firm promise that he would never get into trouble with anyone again. Tatsu keeps himself busy as a "full-time househusband," making lunch boxes for Miku on her way to work and doing all the housework, including cleaning, laundry, and cooking. He also participates in the town's women's association, and blends in perfectly with the housewives as "a kind person despite his scary appearance".

Meanwhile, the Tenjakukai, to which Tatsu belonged, is in a crisis. Their rivals, the Oshiroyama clan, were growing in power and were putting pressure on the Tenjakukai to comply or they would be crushed. Even if they wanted to fight the Oshiroyama clan, the current strength of the Tenjakukai was not enough to win. Eguchi, the chairman of the Tenjakukai, and his wife, Hibari, only lament, "If only Tatsu were here...". Tatsu's former apprentice, Masa, exclaims he will die for the clan!

One day, when Tatsu leaves the supermarket after shopping, Masa is waiting for him. Masa tells Tatsu about the situation at Tenjakukai and beggs him to come back to the group. However, Tatsu refused, explaining he is a househusband now. However, Masa refuses to give up.

The Oshiroyama clan has come to dominate the Tenjakukai territory. When Tatsu is working as a traffic safety man in front of the elementary school where Himawari goes to school, he encounters the leader of the Oshiroyama clan, Oshiroyama and tries to provoke Tatsu.

Tatsu is summoned by Eguchi. Eguchi complains to Ryu about the brutality of the Oshiroyama clan and asks for his help. Then, an incident occurs that further increases the tension between the Tenjakukai and the Oshiroyama clan. When Tatsu sees the people he owes a debt of gratitude being hunted down, he can't leave them alone...

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