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Episode 7 is the 7th episode of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband live-action series.


While cleaning his house, Tatsu inadvertently destroys a Neopolice Girl figure that Miku cherishes. Not wanting to be found by Miku, Tatsu buries the broken figure in the garden and hides it. He decides to buy the same figure before Miku finds out, and goes to a toy store. The store had the figure Tatsu was looking for, but it was priced at 200,000 yen. Tatsu complains to the store clerk that the price is too high.

The store clerk, frightened by the Tatsu's appearance, calls the police and Sakai and Sadoshima arrive. Sakai is a Neopolice Girl otaku like Miku, and has been looking for the figure for a long time. The store manager, Amuro, explains to Tatsu how valuable the 200,000 yen figure is as it is a limited edition. Tatsu is determined to earn 200,000 yen for the figure. Sakai is also secretly determined to get the figure.

Tatsu saved his money by working at a coffee shop and a supermarket, and by joining the women's association's volleyball team and receiving rewards. Tatsu is in a hurry to get the figure as soon as possible before Miku notices. When Masa, Hibari, and Tanaka learn of Tatsu's condition, they worry about what has happened to him. Meanwhile, Sakai is also saving money tearfully for his figure. After saving up 200,000 yen, Tatsu went back to the toy store to buy the figure. However, Sakai was also there to buy the figure...