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Tatsu (龍) is the main character of Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband. He is a former legendary yakuza gang member known by the nickname "The Immortal Dragon" and he has since retired from a life of crime to work as a full-time house husband for his wife Miku.

He later joins the Woman's Association with the moniker "the Decorator", a name chosen by Fukada, one of the Eight Dragons of the Woman's Association.



Tatsu's dragon back tattoo

Tatsu is an intimidating-looking young man with black hair that is usually slicked back, dark-brown eyes, he has facial hair on his upper lip and chin, he has yakuza tattoos that cloaks his entire backside, pectorals and stretch all the way down to his forearms that depict a dragon and he has several scars marking his body presumably from lacerations due to their shape where one of his most notable features is a long, thin scar on the left side of his face starts at his hairline while dragging down over his eyebrow and ends at his cheek, which adds to his scary yakuza look.

He is usually seen in a casual-formal wear with a cream-colored Shiba Inu apron on top and he wears aviator shades most of the time, even indoors. Whenever he rides his bike, he is almost always seen wearing a dark fedora and carries a silver metal briefcase.


Tatsu takes everything he does very seriously, especially his work as a house-husband. He uses yakuza-esque language for regular situations, which often makes something innocent and simple appear ominous (like flour). He has also been shown to be somewhat paranoid due to his bloody past (as seen when he and Miku attempt to buy a car), leading to hilarity (extreme amusement, especially when expressed by laughter).

Tatsu cares for the people in his life and often goes the extra step for them, even if he gets injured in the process.


Tatsu dedicates himself to cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of all homely responsibilities. He's an excellent cook, often making everything with a "cute" flair. It's hard for him to leave the house without being recognized by authorities or other yakuza.


  • Strength: According to Nagai in Episode 1, he talks about how "There's a legendary yakuza who's said to have singlehandedly smashed up 10 of his rival clan's offices in one night, completely unarmed."


  • Miku - The two have a very weird yet loving relationship. They first met when Miku found him injured after Tatsu endured a bloody battle, to which she carried him to safety. After an unspecified amount of time, they got married. Tatsu also quit the yakuza for her. He protected her when she was about to be hit by a volleyball once. They sometimes fight with each other, but in the end the two still deeply care for and love each other.
  • Miku's Mom - Mother-in-law
  • Miku's Dad - Father-in-law
  • Bob - Neighbor
  • Masa - Tatsu was Masa's former yakuza boss who recognized Tatsu when he was shopping, and after a few more encounters with him, he decides to follow in Tatsu's footsteps and learn to take care of himself. There were times where Tatsu tends to be violent towards Masa for his actions (like slapping him) as seen in:
    • Episode 1 - When Tatsu tells Masa that he is now a househusband and explains to him that "I'm just protecting my turf in my own special way. You can't protect what's sacred to you through violence." while Tatsu hands out the plate of cheese Croquette, Masa laughs and yells "'You can't protect what's sacred you through violence', my ass. What, have you gone soft?!" as he smacks the plate off Tatsu's hand. The plates shatters and the food spills, which earned Masa a hard slap across the face and flies back a glass window, causing it to shatter, before landing against a wall. Tatsu then rushes outside and repeatedly slaps Masa on both sides of his face before Masa yells "That's violence!" with three slap mark bruises on his face.
    • Episode 2 - When Masa was being ganged up by a Yakuza group and began searching up what DIY means before rushing over to Tatsu (upon seeing him walking him from a store with a grocery bag and a manual book) where Masa tells his boss to beat them up, Tatsu slaps him and scolds Masa by telling him that "You'd pick this fight yourself, right? So then, you finish this yourself, got it? You gotta do it yourself, you fool!"
    • Episode 3 - When Masa invites Tatsu over to his apartment, Tatsu scolds him by smacking him the face after Masa proceeds to put the colored and white clothing altogether in the washing machine.
    • Episode 7 - When Tatsu takes Masa to a 100-yen shop called 'Daizo' where Tatsu shows him the items, Masa comments on how "I mean, most of this stuff looks like useless scrap to me." while looking at a Fruit Squeezer item, earning him a slap and a "Have some goddamn respect!" scolding from Tatsu.
    • Episode 8 - After Miku goes on a business trip and won't be home until tomorrow, Masa comes over to Tatsu's apartment and he has his boss to "take it easy", but when Tatsu can't resist on not doing chores after he watches Masa on how to sleep, Tatsu proceeds to crawl away when Masa grabs his legs and glares at him before muttering "You'd promised you'd take it easy today. Come on Boss Man, More!" while smiling creepily at him, causing Tatsu to scream in horror and smacks Masa in the progress.
    • Episode 10 - When Masa gets a tooth decay and refuses to go to the dentist, Tatsu pulls onto Masa who is holding onto a electrical metal pole, while screaming at him to "go to the dentist" and Tatsu manages to have Masa let go of the metal pole before slamming him onto the concrete ground on his back with his legs in the air and yells "Get your sh*t get together and act like a man!", making Masa surrender and eventually agreed to go to the dentist.
  • Ryouta - Tatsu babysits Ryouta sometimes.
  • Torajirou - Tatsu encounters Torajirou in Episode 3.


  • The name Tatsu means "dragon" (龍), hence forth his nickname "The Immortal Dragon" and his dragon tattoo.

Live Action[]

  • Tatsu's surname Kuroda means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


  • Even though Tatsu always wears his shades indoors and outdoors, there are a few episodes where he doesn't wear his sunglasses like in: