Torajirou is an ex-yakuza, much like Tatsu. He is said to be one of the few men to meet Tatsu in raw power and ferocity. After being freed from prison, he realized Tatsu had taken down his gang while he was away. Left with nothing else, he became a Food Truck owner.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He takes his job as a one-man creperie seriously. He's very quick and deft with his hands, enabling him to flawlessly make crepes. He has a grudge against Tatsu and what he did to Tora's clan, but they settle their score with a food war. He's pretty satisfied with where he is now, not needing to actually raise his fist against Tatsu. He respects Tatsu for becoming a househusband, even if he didn't at first.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

His hair is fair, along with his eyebrows. He has a long, thin scar spanning from eye to eye over the bridge of his nose and cheeks. Yakuza tattoos extend from his pectorals, shoulders, and end at his forearm.

He has a heavy, muscular build that makes him resemble a tank. At least, that was when he was still Bareknuckle.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

He comes from an opposing clan to Tatsu's, but was imprisoned and cut off from information about his clan. Released from prison, he realized Tatsu wiped out his clan. Instead of seeking out revenge, hence no one knew what happened to The Immortal Tatsu, he rebuilt his life over again. He applied his skill at handiwork to making crepes for a living.

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